As of 8/13/2022 new registrations for Zeusesbounty.io are CLOSED. Congratulations!! If you are one of the 5107 people registered here, you are in for a treat and a very exciting ride. Due to the stagnation of the contract, we have decided to reward all existing members with passive income by purchasing 2.5% of Zeus’ Chariots from the Zeus’ Bounty smart contract. This means all current members will now receive their Share of 7.5% of gaming revenue from Zeus’ Chariots every week after launch, which we expect late ‘22 or early ‘23. There will be no diluting of this revenue share because we are no longer allowing any further registrations. It will be capped at the current members only. The revenue shares will be done based on your original contribution level and status, meaning, if you started with a higher contribution level or are considered a “founder” or “co-founder”, you will receive higher revenue shares. Our projections show a minimum of $3,000,000 monthly revenue for the game. (That is shooting bottom of the barrel) For example: 7.5% of $3,000,000 is $225,000 monthly / 5,107 people = $44 per month passive income. However, we do not believe this bottom of the barrel scenario. In fact, we believe it will be at least 10X that which would hypothetically be $440 a month per member with the potential to be 100x greater than that. Instead of watching the contract just sit there as it's currently doing, the goal here is to find a solution to still reward you, our members, with this exciting transition. All current members still have access to all software that exists and the ones still to come. We are already on version 2 of the game and this 2.5% infusion will help us finish it, put that money to good use, and keep it in our community, for our community. There will be a game - 100% guaranteed. You may visit https://zeuseschariots.com for game info and latest updates. The Zeus Academy is still active, still free, and will continue to be so with our free courses, paid courses, and ability to build a free downline. We want to thank each and every one of you and we look forward to giving you the passive income you wanted.

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